Time to decide on the benchtop for your dream kitchen? When choosing a suitable benchtop material for your kitchen take time to consider how it will look, but also if it is a practical option for how you will use your benchtop.

Laminate is the most budget friendly option and used in many kitchens across the country. Laminate is justifiably popular for its wide range of colours and patterns – many of which successfully mimic other (more expensive) popular materials. It is also stain resistant, hard wearing and widely available.

Engineered stone is rapidly becoming the benchtop of choice for those looking for a stone benchtop. This composite material is cheaper than natural stone and is less porous, with a broad palette of neutral tones and patterns.

Natural stone is one of the more expensive options, though it offers a great deal of character and an organic quality that is difficult to obtain in any other benchtop option. There are durability variances depending on which type of stone you prefer and can be vulnerable to staining from acidic foods and liquids.

Stainless Steel is not a material you would normally associate with a domestic kitchen but it is becoming more and more popular because of its excellent durability and point of difference! However be prepared to pay a little more for this type of benchtop compared to your other options.

Acrylic benchtops are made from manufactured & natural minerals and an acrylic resin. It is available in a broad range of colours, is extremely durable and able to be moulded into any shape. This makes it great for waterfall ends, where joins will not be visible. Scratches are also able to be buffed out of Corian. In terms of cost it will come in somewhere between laminate and natural stone.