A kitchen splashback is an extension of the worktop, where walls are protected from cooking splashes and spills. This usually comes in the form of a tiling but the latest looks include a range of other materials such as glass, mirror, steel and acrylic.

Tiles are still the most common choice for splashbacks and come in a range of colours, types, and styles. Tiles that can be used for splashbacks include ceramic, mosaic, glass, and recycled glass. In price, tiles range from cheap to expensive, depending on the type that you choose and the look that you are after.

Glass is an ideal material for a kitchen splashback. It’s easy to maintain – all it needs is a quick wipe and polish – and always looks immaculate. Unlike tiles, there are no joins to harbour dirt and bacteria – just a clean, unbroken line.

Mirror is similar to a glass splashback but be aware that, because of the mirrored surface, it will not be able to resist the everyday rigours of the kitchen as well as toughened glass can. The advantage, however, is that it can really open up a small space.

Steel is an ideal material for worksurfaces, sinks and splashbacks as it’s resistant to high temperatures, hygienic and easy to clean. Simply wipe over with an E-cloth and water for a chemical-free way of getting the shine back.

Acrylic splashbacks are available in a range of colours and are very versatile and durable. Corian is popular for splashbacks and it has the advantage of being able to continue down to form the benchtop as well.